Are you dating a great guy?!

All my dating ladies! Hello! So, you are having butterflies over that fine chap that you are hanging out with and it feels like things are getting serious. How do you know if the guy you are with is a great guy?!

Well, I found this great article from that gives some practical tips that you can use to tell if you are dating a guy who is not just alright, not just good, but great! Enjoy!

Agree? Disagree? Talk to me! Leave your comments below!

It can only get better!



One thought on “Are you dating a great guy?!

  1. I think it is a good article except for one thing. First and foremost should always be his relationship with Christ. It should be apparent through talking to him that Jesus Christ is his number one priority in life, before all else. We can also see that even more through his actions. His words are backed up by consistent identifiable Christ-like actions. (He is not double-minded…frequently saying one thing and doing another.) If he doesn’t have that discernable relationship with Christ above all, everything else is meaningless. ♥

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