Speak Life into Your Days!

It’s the first Monday in August, and the year 2014 seems to be speeding by. Monday in general tends to get a bad rap, seeing as it comes right after the much coveted weekend! However, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can see it as the beginning of another week of opportunities and open doors, another week of fulfilling your dreams and meeting your goals, the beginning of an amazing journey through the amazing month of August!! You can be that person who waits for Mondays with so much excitement because you cannot wait to get to your workplace and start creating, whether your workplace is in the home or the CEO’s chair!

Your mindset is very important. It colors and flavors the way you see and therefore respond to life. And this is why I so much love this quote:


So what are you telling yourself?! Forget the looming clouds, the tense workplace, the manic Monday syndrome, the bad hair day… Tell yourself that you can, that you will, that you must succeed today! Tell yourself that you are composed in the middle of chaos, that you are ready for that challenge…that you are a force to be reckoned with in your world.

Speak energy, optimism, creativity, sunshine, laughter, grace, courage… Speak hope into your circumstance. Speak life into your days, and be lifted!

Happy Monday! Happy August!

It can only get better!



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