How about some good, good loving…


It’s the season of love and everybody is loving.

My daughter was so excited to wear her red outfit and shiny red shoes to school today. While we were getting ready to leave the house, she stopped abruptly, struck a pose for me and announced, “Mummy I am beautiful”.

I smiled back at her and said, “Oh yes you are!”.

A thought occurred to me.

I turned to strike a pose at the mirror behind me and announced to the lady staring back at me, “You are beautiful”.

Sometimes we are busy giving and living for everyone around us that we forget to give ourselves, we need some of that loving.

Of course I don’t mean that in an out-rightly selfish way.

For how can I give you what I do not have for myself?
How can I love you, if I do not love me? Are we not all made in the same image?

So while you get all excited in this season and spread love to the ones you love, remember that you need some good, good loving.

Loving yourself could be taking the right steps, doing something great for your health. It might be protecting yourself from the predators who prey on this season lusting for flesh in the name of love, it might be loving yourself enough to loose those pounds you know you have been piling on, it might be to just take a break.

Buy yourself a nice perfume, some fresh underwear, look great.

Sometimes you need to learn to enjoy your own company, allow yourself some luxuries, rest, refresh, meditate.

Love yourself enough to believe in that dream you have nursed in your heart, will come to pass and take the necessary steps in that direction.

Love yourself enough to believe in a bright beautiful future, then you can love others with confidence and help them love themselves as well.

So after you have read this, look into the closest mirror, strike a pose and wink at your self.

You should smile at what you see,

because you are beautiful.

And you deserve all the loving.





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